Today , Sep 27 Mon
  • 15:29 OKB broke through 15 USDT

    Coin.one showed that OKB broke through 15 USDT and is now at 15.003 USDT, with a increase of 7.49% in 24H.
  • 13:56 THETA fell below 5 USDT

    Coin.one showed that THETA fell below 5 USDT and is now at 4.999 USDT, with a decrease of 2.49% in 24H.
  • 11:47 BTC fell below 43000 USDT

    Coin.one showed that BTC fell below 43000 USDT and is now at 42996.45 USDT, with a decrease of 0.36% in 24H.
  • 11:47 ETH fell below 3000 USDT

    Coin.one showed that ETH fell below 3000 USDT and is now at 2999.99 USDT, with a decrease of 1.08% in 24H.
  • 11:18 ADA broke through 2.2 USDT

    Coin.one showed that ADA broke through 2.2 USDT and is now at 2.201 USDT, with a decrease of 3.22% in 24H.
  • 11:01 BCH broke through 500 USDT

    Coin.one showed that BCH broke through 500 USDT and is now at 500.1 USDT, with a decrease of 3.57% in 24H.
  • 10:58 coin.one Markets

    BTC is currently trading at 43248.76 USDT on Binance, with a 24h decrease of -0.23%.
    1. The total value of the global digital currency market is 20023.6亿 U.S. dollars (-0.1%), and the 24h trading volume is 1231.59亿 U.S. dollars (-9.78%).
    2.The performance of mainstream cryptocurrencies is as follows: ETH 3057.3 USDT (+0.29%), XRP 0.9468 USDT (-0.13%), BCH 499.2 USDT (-3.54%), LTC 150.0 USDT (-1.9%), DOT 28.57 USDT (-3.41%).
    3. Among the top 100 cryptocurrencies by market cap in 24h, the top three gainers are: REN (+9.25%), OKB (+8.37%), FIL (+8.19%); the top three losers are: IOTX (-10.51%), XTZ (-9.74%), BQX (-8.65%).
    (Note: All rises and falls are calculated in 24h time format.)


  • 09:36 Ethereum Developer Virgil Griffith Pleads Guilty to Conspiracy Charge in North Korea Sanctions Case

    Coindesk reported Griffith was charged with violating sanctions law by giving an Ethereum presentation at a North Korean crypto conference. He has pleaded guilty in an agreement with federal prosecutors. Griffith pleaded guilty to one charge of conspiracy on Monday in a New York courthouse. The plea deal could see him serve between 63 and 78 months in prison. He faces a sentencing hearing in January 2022.


  • 09:16 dYdX's 24-hour trading volume exceeded 6.4 billion, surpassing the sum of other DEXs

    dYdX founder Antonio Juliano quoted CoinMarketCap data as said’ And today, dYdX is doing more trade volume than every other DEX combined' that dYdX's 24-hour trading volume exceeded $6.5 billion, which has exceeded all other DEXs combined. According to CoinMarketCap data, Uniswap V3 is currently ranked 2nd in DEX with a daily trading volume of US$1.18 billion; PancakeSwap V2 is ranked 3rd with a daily trading volume of US$910 million.
  • 09:13 Fake Firefox Add-On Stole Users' Crypto

    U.Today reported a slew of Firefox users has fallen victim to a bogus add-on that was masquerading as a legitimate extension of a cryptocurrency hardware wallet called SafePal, Bleeping Computer reports. Hacks and scams remain prevalent in the cryptocurrency industry. As reported by U.Today, Bitcoin.org, the very first Bitcoin website that was registered by Satoshi Nakamoto, suffered a security breach four days ago.
    earlier this month, a fake YouTube stream of Apple's annual event promoting a Bitcoin giveaway reached roughly 170,000 viewers before it was shut down.
    coin.one-Fake Firefox Add-On Stole Users' Crypto
  • 08:20 Anthony Scaramucci says people claiming big institutions are keen on crypto aren't being totally honest

    Market insider reported Scaramucci, the SkyBridge Capital boss and former White House communications chief, said he thinks only about 10% of financial institutions are getting involved, but are having an outsized impact. Among them, he said, it's like a "feeding frenzy." "The institutions are not there," Scaramucci told Bloomberg in an interview published at the weekend. "Anybody who's telling you there's institutional adoption into this space is not being totally honest - or they're seeing something that I'm not seeing."Scaramucci. He thinks that decentralized finance or DeFi will trigger more interest in the space from institutions.
  • 08:01 Bitcoin Miners Go Nuclear in Search of Clean Energy

    Decrypt reported with Bitcoin mining consuming more energy than many countries, nuclear energy providers may have a solution. In July, Bitcoin mining firm Compass Mining already embraced nuclear energy after partnering with Oklo, a nuclear energy startup. Oklo is building out so-called “microreactors” in order to sidestep the enormous logistical hurdles of a full-scale nuclear reactor.
    Talen Energy, an American energy firm, also announced a similar partnership with TeraWulf Inc., a U.S.-based Bitcoin miner. Talen is building a mining facility the size of four American football fields in Pennsylvania to support the venture. Called the “Nautilus Cryptomine,” the mining site “will create zero-carbon coins with the appropriate regulatory overlay, mined in the United States in a secure location,” said Talen’s president, Alex Hernandez.
    coin.one-Bitcoin Miners Go Nuclear in Search of Clean Energy
  • 07:43 DEX sector has logged a combined profit of over 60%

    Cointelegraph reported as China’s latest crypto purge boosts DEX tokens, the DEX sector has logged a combined profit of over 60%, Uniswap (UNI) gains nearly 50% in 24 hours,while their centralized counterparts have grown by just 0.77%, in the last 24 hours.
  • 06:52 Marketnode, a joint venture by SGX and Temasek, partners with 10 financial institutions ahead of product launches

    Ledger Insights reported Marketnode – the digital joint venture between the Singapore Exchange (SGX) and Temasek Holdings – will be partnering with several international financial institutions ahead of its product launches for digital insurance services, ESG bond data and digital asset depository infrastructure. These components will enable the buildout of an end-to-end Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT)-enabled fixed income infrastructure.DLT is a digital system that records the transaction of assets in which the transactions and their details are recorded in multiple places at the same time. Marketnode’s latest partners include Barclays, BNP Paribas, BNY Mellon, Citi, Deutsche Bank, HSBC, Orient Securities International, Standard Chartered, Societe Genarale and United Overseas Bank (UOB).
  • 06:36 Former U.S. treasury secretary says cryptocurrency not some ‘libertarian paradise’

    AMB crypto reported former US Treasury secretary Lawrence Summers while speaking to Bloomberg expressed his opinions concerning the cryptocurrency regulations. He said that some people believe in the idea that cryptocurrency is “going to be some kind of a “libertarian paradise.” (A paradise with no bank rules like KYC, be able to move money freely and avoid paying taxes).
    Summers opined, “I think it’s a recognition that all industries need to come to that are systemic in their importance.” Furthermore,“It’s not entirely unlike the discussion of big tech companies. They need to have a regulatory framework. They don’t just need it for the protection of their consumers, they need it for the protection of themselves.I think the crypto community needs to recognize that and needs to work cooperatively with governments and if they do that, I think that this innovation can be one of the important innovations of this period.”
  • 06:19 Data: DYDX price rose by 35.9% in one day

    According to Coin.one's data showed that the price of DYDX, the governance token of the decentralized exchange (DEX) dYdX, soared 35.9% in one day, setting a record high of $22.17. In addition, other major DEX tokens are also on the rise, with Uniswap (UNI) and SushiSwap (SUSHI) rising by 36% and 29%, respectively.
  • 05:53 Chipper Cash Extends Peer-to-Peer Money Transfer Service to South Africa

    Bitcoin News reported Chipper Cash, an African fintech start-up, has extended its peer-to-peer instant money service to South Africa. In addition to being able to use the remittance service, South African users will be able to buy, sell, and transfer cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, ethereum, and the USDC stablecoin.


  • 05:49 Chinese Internet institutions not to provide services for cryptocurrencies

    Wu Blockchain tweeted Chinese cryptocurrency investors are disbanding WeChat groups and joining the telegram community. This is not mandatory, but proactive. The central bank requires Chinese Internet institutions not to provide services for cryptocurrencies, which of course also includes WeChat.
    coin.one-Chinese Internet institutions not to provide services for cryptocurrencies
  • 05:18 Korea set to delay taxation on gains from crypto trading

    The Korea time reported The ruling Democratic Party of Korea (DPK) has reached a consensus to delay imposing taxes on gains from cryptocurrency transactions, in a move to play to its voter base ― mostly those in their 20s and 30s who have invested heavily in the digital asset ― ahead of the presidential election next year. The move is expected to thwart the ministry's plan to impose a 20 percent tax on gains made in a one-year period of over 2.5 million won ($2,125) starting Jan. 1, next year; an enforcement postponed for three months from Oct. 1 due to a lack of taxation infrastructure.
  • 05:00 BTC Tops List Of Crypto Net Outflow With $217.39 Mln In Past 18 Hours

    Monitored by Coin.one, from 16:00 UTC on September 26 to 10:00 (UTC) on September 27, BTC registered a net outflow of $217.39 mln in the past 18 hours.
    1. The Top 3 net cap inflows in the crypto market are: ETH (+$73.81 mln), SOL (+$53.92 mln), and FIL (+$17.59 mln);
    2. The Top 3 net cap outflows in the crypto market are: BTC (-$217.39 mln), ATOM (-$41.49 mln), and DOT (-$26.91 mln).
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  • 04:55 Cathie Wood and Tom Lee Agree on Crypto Being Supported by Millennials as Part of $2 Trillion Yearly High-Risk Investments

    U.today reported the Crypto and equity market might remain bullish for a long period of time with $2 trillion of yearly investments into high-risk assets made by Millennials, According to the report by Fundstart, an estimated $2 trillion of wealth is moving from Baby Boomers to Millenials per year through inheritance. Unlike "boomers," millennials prefer to invest in more risky assets like stocks and crypto in order to earn more profits in a short period of time. Lee's theory was also supported by Ark Invest's Cathie Wood. She said that she believes in both crypto and the equity markets since those will be fueled by investments coming from millennials in the future. According to Wood, Millenials understand and support the rapidly changing world of technologies, unlike Baby Boomers, which feel more comfortable with more conservative investment options like bonds and commodities.


  • 04:53 Binance:Changes to Binance Offerings in Singapore

    With effect from 2021-10-26 04:00 AM UTC (12:00 PM UTC+8), users in Singapore will not be able to access certain functions on Binance.com including fiat deposit services, spot trading of cryptocurrencies, the purchase of cryptocurrencies through fiat channels and liquid swap (“Regulated Payments Services”).
  • 04:27 Willy Woo: DEX will evolve into truly decentralized software

    Blockchain analyst Willy Woo tweeted the SEC, est. 1932, was designed to go after the misbehaviour by institutionals. The SEC is not equipped to police the 1000s of projects launching each month. It's like shooting an elephant gun to control a swam of locusts."But the SEC can just force the exchanges to not list them, killing their liquidity." That doesn't fly. DEXes will just evolve into truly decentralised pieces of software. We saw this with the evolution of Napster -> BitTorrent. SEC's "DeFi in name only" is not forward-looking.
    coin.one-Willy Woo: DEX will evolve into truly decentralized software
  • 04:20 FIL broke through 60 USDT

    Coin.one showed that FIL broke through 60 USDT and is now at 60.01 USDT, with a increase of 12.6% in 24H.
  • 04:19 OKB broke through 15 USDT

    Coin.one showed that OKB broke through 15 USDT and is now at 15.002 USDT, with a increase of 8.89% in 24H.
  • 04:18 Data:Germany and the U.S. 10-year treasury yield both reached their 3-month high

    U.S. 10-year Treasury Yield Rises To 1.473%, Highest In Almost Three Months. German 10-year Bund Yield Rises To Highest In Almost 3 Months At -0.217%
  • 04:07 Gemini ‘Aggressively Hiring’ with Over 200 New Crypto Job Openings

    According to a new report from Forbes, Gemini is “growing fast” and “aggressively hiring” with the company’s director of talent Jonathon Tamblyn, stating that the exchange is searching for more than 200 new hires at present.
  • 03:58 Crypto.com Expands Free Crypto Tax Reporting Service to the U.K.

    Following the launch of Crypto.com Tax for Canada, the U.S., and Australia, this service is now available to users in the U.K, starting with the 2020/21 tax year. Crypto.com Tax makes it easy to file complicated crypto taxes at no cost. This service enables users to quickly generate accurate and organised tax reports, including transaction history and records of capital gains and losses, as well as other crypto-related taxable and non-taxable transactions.
  • 03:45 Billionaire Mike Novogratz Says Bitcoin Market Is 'in Good Shape' — China Has 'Less and Less' Influence Over Crypto

    Bitcoin News reported Galaxy Digital CEO Mike Novogratz commented on the crypto market and the latest news of China’s crackdown on cryptocurrencies Friday. He explained that the crypto market was down for three reasons. The first is China reiterating its anti-crypto and anti-freedom stance. The second is the U.S. Federal Reserve “putting taper in motion,” and the third is the big overhead resistance level for bitcoin and ether. Novogratz noted that he believes BTC and ETH will consolidate. Commenting on China’s influence over the prices of cryptocurrencies, particularly BTC and ETH, Novogratz said: “It was a lot more important five months ago before China basically said we’re banning crypto so miners have moved out of China.”


  • 03:00 Korean media: Only four South Korean virtual currency exchanges "survived"

    According to news from South Korea’s "Asia Daily", the news from the Korean financial sector on the 26th, as of the 24th of this month, 29 of the 66 Korean virtual currency exchanges have submitted business declarations in accordance with the requirements of the Financial Intelligence Analysis Institute (FIU). Among them, Upbit, Bithumb, Coinone, and Korbit have established real-name account authentication cooperation with banks. In the future, South Korea will be able to legally conduct virtual currency exchanges via the Korean won in these four trading platform.
    It is reported that although the other 25 exchanges have obtained the personal information protection mechanism (ISMS) certification, they can only carry out virtual currency transactions and custody services because they failed to obtain the bank's real-name certification service. 37 platforms that have not obtained ISMS certification will face suspension of business.
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